Performance Tuning („Performance Optimization“)


For my clients, I do performance optimizations of complex IT systems.

> > > I use an iterative approach which i call „Think – Measure – Change – Ensure“:

1. Think: It sounds obvious, but the precise definition of the objective to be achieved is the most important step in optimizing performance. Essentially, we can distinguish between two objectives:

(a) stable operation – reach a stable operation under defined, specified load and

(b) reaching a specified, well-defined speed

2. Measure: the second step is measure the flow within the system by performing of a series of tests in order to determine the factors that limit the system’s speed (the bottlenecks).

3. Change: Change a parameter of the system, which (presumably) limits the overall speed of the system.

4. Ensure the change was effective by reperforming the test.

Steps 2-4 are repeated iteratively until the goal is reached.

> > > What performance optimizations are possible?
This varies greatly and depends essentially on two factors: intensity of optimizations carried out so far and investment in the optimization. If the customer is willing to invest the appropriate amount of time, accelerations can reach a factor of 200 with the same hardware (in one of my projects from 550 milliseconds per transaction to around 2.7 milliseconds per transaction over an optimization period of approximately 9 months).

> > > Rule of Thumb: The are only three hard limits: the speed of light, and time and money You are willing to invest.

Challenge me with your performance problem – I will solve it!  Contact me to explore the possibilities – with no initial cost.

> > > On what systems am I specialized?
In General, I’m a „server guy“ and specialized in Java (JEE, JMX, JCA) software, relational databases such as Oracle, middleware such as JBoss and BEA WebLogic andcertain network protocols, operating systems such as AIX and Linux, and  certain hardware features. I can probably help You with any performance problem… with the single exception of 3D graphic engines (but I could assemble a team for you). Contact me!


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